always sits comfortably

Research shows that professionals should opt for a comfortable knee protector that distributes the pressure as much as possible over the knees. With the optimized Hammock kneecaps, Ultraknee always protects against moisture, dirt and sharp objects and long-term against physical complaints.

Our kneeprotectors

Hammock 1

Unprecedented comfort in the work trousers

Hammock 2

The most optimized pressure distributor

Force Distribution Technology

All Ultraknee protectors are equipped with force distribution technology (FDT) which optimally distributes the pressure on the knee. FDT was developed by movement experts in collaboration with TNO, the Hague University of Applied Sciences and Delft University of Technology. As a result the protectors will always feel comfortable. Not just for a moment, but throughout the entire day.




You will notice the difference immediately. Especially when we go upstairs it is a lot better than the protectors I had before. They have a nice effect and repel water.



In the cold periods I do not have cold knees and in the summer the knee pads do not shift due to perspiration. Rain is also no problem because the Hammock does not absorb water!



The Ultraknee performs perfectly, even in a messy factory environment.


Good, but it takes some getting used to the thickness


My knees are very happy with them 🙂


Road worker

So far my Ultraknee protectors offer the best pressure distribution imaginable. I can just work on the knees the entire day, before I got my Ultraknee protectors the pain started after 5 hours of work.

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