Ultraknee Hammock 1 Kneeprotectors

The Hammock 1 knee protector is our flexible all-rounder for work trousers. With its compact size and light weight, the Hammock 1 is incredibly comfortable. This makes the Hammock 1 suitable for professions and situations where a lot of position is changed.

The ergonomic protector folds around the knee and follows every movement you make. The shape of the Hammock 1 adapts to your knee, making it sit better. A plastic spring inside keeps the pressure on the knee as low as possible.

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The top layer of the protector consists of soft neoprene rubber with a three-dimensional woven mesh. This soft layer increases the contact surface and provides more comfort. The openings in the woven fabric layer ensure perfect moisture regulation.


The materials used for the Hammock 1 knee pads are of premium quality. The bottom layer is made of the abrasion-resistant and water-repellent EVA. The protectors are EN 14404 type 2 level 1 classified, which means they offer protection for professionals who frequently work on their knees.


These lightweight knee pads with patented spring are placed in the knee pockets of work trousers. Due to the low weight and compact size, the protectors do not get in the way when not working on the knees. The ergonomic fit and pressure distributing spring in the protector ensure that everyone sits comfortably on the Hammock 1. The Hammock 1 is available in a one size fits all fit. Using the wings on the underside of the protector, the height can be adjusted to let the pressure-distributing spring come out exactly below the knee.


Weight: 280 grams

Sizes: 280 x 140 x 80 mm

Fit: One size fits all

Standard: NEN EN 14404

Level: Type 2 performance level 1

Material: EVA, Neoprene

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