Ultraknee Hammock 2 Kneeprotectors

The Hammock 2 is the professional knee protector for long-term work on the knees. The ergonomic shape and plastic spring in these knee guards prevent high peak forces and ensure that the protector fits comfortably all day long.

The abrasion-resistant materials protect the knees even in the most severe conditions. The durable and water-resistant EVA does not absorb water and makes dirt, sand and stones easy to remove.

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Maximum protection

Thanks to the optimal enclosure of the knee and shin, the Hammock 2 offers protection against dirt, moisture and sharp objects. With the available sand cover, safety on the work floor has never been optimized so much.

OPTIMAL Pressure Distribution

The Hammock 2 distributes the pressure on the knee over a large area so that the maximum occurring peak load remains as low as possible. The risk of damage to the knee and back joint is thus minimized.


The low weight of the knee protector ensures optimal comfort, also when walking and sitting. The adjustable flexible straps keep the knee pad in place without pinching the back of the knee.


The wear-resistant, water- and dirt-repellent material, from which the Hammock 2 is made, guarantees optimal performance and durability. Even under the harshest conditions, the closed cell structure of the Hammock 2 knee pad withstands the test of time.


Weight: 497 grams

Sizes: 159 x 82 x 282 mm

Fit: One size fits all

Standard: NEN EN 14404

Level: Performance level 1

Width band: 50 mm

Material: EVA

Certified by TÜV as a comfortable and user-friendly knee protector

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